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Purveyors Of Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils From Australia

About Hickory's Run

Hickory ’s Run Olive Grove established in 1997 is a family owned and operated business based on quality and customer satisfaction. Our intention is to gain an enviable reputation for premium Australian extra virgin olive oils that are prized for their consistent high quality and exceptional taste.

Located in the pristine Flinders Ranges of South Australia the grove is encompassed to the north and east by the non-perennial Rocky River which provides a home for native animals including Kangaroos and Kookaburras as well as magnificent old river red gums.

Here at Hickory 's Run we grow our olives organically and are Olive Care Certified growers and producers. With total control of the growing and processing we are able to produce extra virgin olive oil of exception taste, quality, character and consistency.

About Our Passion

Passion for quality exceeds all other governing criteria at Hickory ’s Run. The bad experiences associated with inferior olive oil products bubble to the surface repeatedly. We can only reverse this trend by presenting extra virgin olive oils at their very best. This we are committed to.

About Our Name

‘ Hickory ’ is the nickname given to Greg Dick (partner of Marie the owner/operator) from the nursery rhyme Hickory , Dickory, Dock the mouse ran up the clock……

‘Run’ has many meanings, but here at Hickory’s Run the meaning is two fold – meaning a regular track for animals e.g. sheep (this land was used to water sheep on the long drives from the barren north of Australia), and it also means a persons attempt to make good or achieve a goal.

Our goal at Hickory ’s Run is to produce only the very best – we will not sell what we would not buy.


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Hickory's Run Organic Olive Oil in 500ml Earthenware Bottle



Olive Oil in 250 and 500ml Glass Bottles


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