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Purveyors Of Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils From Australia

Hickorys Run Olive Oil Products

'If our oils were alcohol based you would happily anticipate the glow of mild intoxication'

Our fruit is harvested semi-ripe to maximise their flavour. It is impossible to resist the fresh, fruity, pungent armours from our flagship Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Hickory's Run selection of Infused Olive Oils

Like wine no two extra virgin olive oils are alike. Each oil is the product of soil, climate, variety, and processing methods . The extra virgin olive oils produced at Hickory ’s Run as well as from our selected contract growers are chosen with flavour and distinct olive characteristics as the main criteria.

Oils that do not meet or exceed this demanding criteria are rejected.

Our Production Methods

Picking: Our fruit is hand picked and transported from the grove to the sorting area within two hours of picking. No fallen fruit is picked from the ground as fallen fruit starts to oxidise almost immediately. The fruit is then sorted and damaged fruit is discarded. The fruit is then stored in vented shallow crates in a controlled environment. It is then transported to the pressing facility for further processing.

Pressing: The fruit is transported to Bovolina Olive Oil Group - a NASAA Certified Organic pressing facility. Prior to pressing, any leaves and twigs are removed, the olives are washed and cold pressed. The oil is separated from the resulting olive paste without the use of heat, hot water or solvents and is left unfiltered. Filtering of extra virgin olive oil removes many of the nutrients.

Oil Storage: Once the fruit has been pressed it is returned to our grove and stored in containers in a climate controlled environment, the oil is then left to settle for 4 – 6 weeks.

Bottling and Labelling: The unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is hand bottled and labelled on demandhere at Hickory's Run.

Packaging: Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packaged in 500 ml stoneware jars (ideal for gift giving)m, and 1 ltr containers for added convenience. Our Infused Olive Oils are packaged in attractive 250ml tabletop glass bottles also with the added convenience of 1 ltr refill containers.

Confidence in our product is backed by our money back guarantee.

For tasting notes and recipes relevant to our product range please skip to the product of your choice. Our recipe pages have recipes that are healthy, quick and easy to prepare. You will also find handy hints and tips for using olive oil.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Hickory's Run selection of Infused Olive Oils

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Hickory's Run Organic Olive Oil in 500ml Earthenware Bottle



Olive Oil in 250 and 500ml Glass Bottles




1 Litre Olive Oil Containers


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