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Purveyors Of Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils From Australia

Hickory ’s Run Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Our Flagship Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Intoxicating aromas and a cornucopia of semi-ripe olive flavours!

Varieties: Frantio, Pendolino and Mediterranean .

Growing Conditions: Grown to exacting standards, our trees are irrigated during the hot, dry Mediterranean style summer, and winter and spring rains provide the optimal start and finish to each year. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils reflect our rich fertile soils, our outstanding climate, the olive varieties and the season, rather than being massed produced.

Aroma and Taste: With a flavour that shouts fresh olives, this fresh, crisp, well-made extra virgin olive oil tastes like the fruits from which it was extracted. A certain amount of natural pungency and bitterness is expected. The very best extra virgin olive oil should taste like olive juice. This premium oil is pungent and full of pronounced olive fruit flavours and back palate of pepper. A truly well balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Production Method: The olives are pressed by the Bovolina OIive Oil Group on a NASAA Certified Organic 2-phase Alfa Laval continuous press. After the oil is pressed it is stored in a climate-controlled environment (temp. range of 15 - 21 ° c) . The unfiltered oil is then hand bottled and labelled on demand, packaged and shipped within a few days of orders being received.

Packaging: Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packaged in 500 ml stoneware jars (ideal for gift giving), as well as 1 ltr refill containers for added convenience.

Uses: This premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly recommended for use as a cooking and condiment oil. This oil will add extra flavour to stir-fries, pasta, fish, chicken and meat dishes. It can be used as a marinade, added to mayonnaise or salad dressings. Add to potatoes before mashing. Toss the oil through vegetables and roast in an oven. Pour some oil in a shallow dish and let set in the coldest part of your fridge then use as a replacement for butter. Check out our recipe page for recipes using Hickory's Run Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our range of Infused Olive Oils. .



Hickory's Run Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Hickory's Run Infused Olive Oils

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Hickory's Run Organic Olive Oil in 500ml Earthenware Bottle

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